Skyvera's Digital BSS/OSS stack enhances subscriber experience of telco operator in Eastern Europe

Half a million mobile subscribers migrate to Skyvera’s cloud-native stack allowing for unmatched flexibility, faster time-to-market, and operational excellence.

June 22, 2023 – Austin, TX – Skyvera, an affiliate of TelcoDRand a leading provider of innovative software solutions for communication service providers (CSPs), today announced the successful migration of nearly half a million mobile subscribers of a leading Eastern European telecoms provider to its cloud-native, digital BSS/OSS stack in a record-breaking two months, surpassing the industry norm of six-twelve months.

This accomplishment builds on Skyvera’s successful deployment in 2022 of its cloud-native BSS/OSS stack for another operating company of the operator’s parent company. This move allows the service provider to provide its subscribers with an unmatched digital experience, including flexible, bundled product offerings launched in minutes, using Skyvera’s catalog-driven BSS stack. 

The migration will enable the operator to create new revenue streams through convergent billing, policy control, charging, interconnect, and partner management platforms, while boosting market share and minimizing churn through the use of an integrated data lake and centralized campaign management solution.

Skyvera’s cloud-native BSS/OSS stack has an open API design, allowing for faster integration with other third party applications. The common stack paves the way for future migration of the service provider’s fixed line and enterprise services, bringing significant operational efficiency and reduced time-to-market benefits to the operator. 

“Our successful migration of an Eastern European telecoms provider’s customers onto our cloud-native BSS/OSS stack in such a short timeframe demonstrates our commitment to providing CSPs with valuable, innovative software solutions,” said Jeff Moyer, CEO of Skyvera. “This deployment not only enables the company to overcome legacy constraints and rapidly launch new products and services, but it also underscores the operational agility and innovation fostered by our cloud-native stack.”

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