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Cloud Cost Optimization

DevGraph CloudFix
Reduced cloud infrastructure costs by analyzing your AWS account, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and executing fixes in one click.

Virtasant Cloud Optimization Services
Guaranteed lower cloud costs by identifying opportunities through re-architecture, consolidation, and simplification.

Cloud Data Migration

DevGraph ScaleArc
Database load balancing software for MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL that provides continuous availability and high performance levels.


BSS Applications

Totogi Charging System
The world’s most advanced charging system, capable of one million transactions per second and climbing. It is the first ever charger designed and engineered from the ground up for the public cloud for maximum technical capability.

Totogi BSS APIs
The next-gen BSS that taps the transformative power of the public cloud to drive more meaningful and valuable subscriber engagement, resulting in skyrocketed NPS ratings. It is purpose-built for the public cloud, fully API-driven, and 100% SQL-free.