Skyvera Acquires the Assets of ZephyrTel and Offers Customers Free Access To Test New Telco Enterprise Software

14th July 2021 – Austin, TX – Skyvera, a subsidiary of TelcoDR, has announced the acquisition of assets from telco software company ZephyrTel. The integration of these assets will accelerate Skyvera’s mission to open up the benefits of the revolutionary public cloud to CSP customers through its provision of ongoing support, product innovation, and specialist built-for-the-cloud telco software.

The acquisition is part of TelcoDR’s strategy to transform the industry via its $1 billion Telco Transformation Fund to support the strategic acquisition, development and cloudification of software products for the telco market.

Skyvera’s first major initiative is the Skyvera Cloud Club, an innovative membership program that gives customers complimentary access to a wide and expanding library of cloud-based applications. Based on their current spend at Skyvera, customers will be automatically entitled to Cloud Club credits, allowing them to quickly and cost-effectively test and deploy new telco enterprise software. This program will assist customers’ transition to the public cloud, and ensure the benefits of this revolutionary technology are realized as rapidly as possible.

TelcoDR founder and CEO, and telecom’s leading public cloud evangelist Danielle Royston (DR) added:

“I’m excited to bring ZephyrTel customers into the Skyvera family. The inevitable shift of workloads to the public cloud is a big change for many in the telco sector, which has traditionally been slow-moving and burdened by on-premise infrastructure and solutions. There’s now a growing appreciation of the power of the public cloud, but many CSPs lack the skills and support needed to achieve their transformation goals. Skyvera will provide this expertise, so telcos can maximize their returns from the public cloud.

“With Skyvera, I’m building a library of software products purpose-built for the public cloud,” added DR. “I’m thrilled to welcome the ZephyrTel customers to Skyvera, and I’m eager to continue to help accelerate CSPs’ move to the public cloud.”

About Skyvera

Skyvera is a subsidiary of TelcoDR that operates and transforms the telco software companies that TelcoDR acquires. We empower customers by managing telco software companies and providing support, product innovation, and a path for leveraging the power of the public cloud.

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About TelcoDR

The telecom industry is on the precipice of a transformational shift – a monumental evolution driven by public cloud adoption – and TelcoDR is catalyzing this change, backed by our $1B Telco Transformation Fund. Founded and led by telecom’s leading public cloud evangelist, Danielle Royston, TelcoDR is at the forefront of educating and inspiring communication services providers (CSPs) globally. Her team of public cloud gurus are in high demand, as telco execs seek strategic consultative support in key steps on their journey to the public cloud. Additionally, TelcoDR has raised significant capital to take this evangelism even further, by acquiring telco software vendors and catapulting them to the public cloud through her Skyvera operating unit, as well as investing in startups like Totogi that are innovating and building truly public cloud-native technology. When TelcoDR’s vision for the telecom industry has been achieved, CSPs will realize massive cost savings, drive tremendous business growth, and dramatically improve customer engagement. Follow TelcoDR on LinkedIn and Twitter. To learn more, visit