Mobilogy Now offers powerful solutions to optimize every stage of the mobile lifecycle.

Founded: 1999

Acquired: 2018

Acquisition Type: Acquisition

About Mobilogy
Mobilogy Now offers advanced mobile lifecycle solutions that enable operators, retailers, buyback vendors and enterprises to provide enhanced customer experience, increase revenue, improve productivity, enhance security and reduce cost. With delivery channels in store and online, customers can take advantage of Mobilogy Now a full suite of mobile lifecycle solutions: diagnostics, phone-to-phone content transfer, AppLoader and wipe. In addition, Mobilogy Now offers monitoring, statistics and analysis of all activities.
Client Base

Mobilogy Now has deployed over 75,000 units at more than 100 mobile operators and retailers globally, representing well over 50,000 outlets handling hundreds of millions of transactions per year. Clients include operators, retailers, buyback vendors and enterprises, with delivery channels in-store and online.