Sitrion Solutions Business Joins Skyvera Portfolio

Acquisition Sustains Market-Leading Social and Human Resources Solutions

AUSTIN, TX – September 28, 2017 – Skyvera announced that it has acquired from Sitrion its Solutions Business, via newly-formed subsidiary Skyvera Solutions, Inc. (“Skyvera”). These products will join a notable collection of software solutions that are part of the Skyvera portfolio.

“The Sitrion Solutions Business provides the most integrated, business-centric software that intertwines the collaborative power of Microsoft SharePoint and Office with the transactional efficiency of SAP HCM,” said Marisa Goldenberg, who has assumed the role of CEO for Skyvera. “Organizations in every industry are evolving and determining how to work smarter, connect with their workforce, improve productivity, and engage and empower their teams. Skyvera is excited about the future of these market-leading solutions.”

The Solutions Business consists of Sitrion Smart Routines, Sitrion AppTemplates, and Sitrion Social. The acquired products are being rebranded under the name Skyvera, and will benefit from Skyvera’s Customer Success program. The program aims to achieve 100 percent Customer Success by maximizing the value customers receive and by aligning the product offerings with customers’ goals to be efficient, leading-edge, and innovative.

Smart Routines allows employees to perform standard employee self-service processes, such as leave requests, expense submissions, and salary and benefits monitoring. These processes may be performed from within Microsoft SharePoint-based Intranets, which improves user experience at a substantially lower cost and ease than deploying pure SAP-based solutions.

Sitrion Social solutions, to become Skyvera Social solutions, seamlessly integrate advanced social capabilities to realize the next-generation workplace. Employees can answer queries and make decisions in real-time, reducing calls to HR. Sitrion Social also provides a unified social workplace for internal communications that can tap into various back-end systems, including SharePoint or SAP.

“We are delighted that Skyvera will continue to support and build upon these offerings and value the customers of these products,” said President and CEO of Sitrion, Daniel Kraft. “With the Customer Success program, the value propositions of Smart Routines and Sitrion Social will be extended even further for customers, now and into the future.”